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Tobacco Free Florida

Almost everyone in America knows someone who smokes cigarettes.
The advertisement I chose is, Tobacco Free Florida. It is the most advertised commercial and website for Americans to quite smoking. The Florida Department of Health’s Tobacco Free Florida campaign uses aggressive and emotional ads that make a huge impact on the audience watching. Tobacco Free Florida has seen encouraging results in reducing the prevalence of tobacco in the state. “Since 2007, there are more than 500,000 fewer adult smokers in Florida and 72,000 people have quit with the 3 Ways to Quit services.”(TobaccoFreeFlorida)
“1 in 5 American people smoke cigarettes. That is 22.3% of men smoke, and 17.4% of women smoke. Every year there are 443,000 people who die from cigarette smoking.” (DanaM.GoldbergMD). It was almost 18,000 years ago when humans came in contact with tobacco. In 1865 tobacco rolled in thin paper, which we now call a cigarette, was being sold by a man named Washington Duke from North Carolina. By the early 20th century, with the growth in cigarette smoking, articles addressing the health effects of smoking began to appear in scientific and medical journals. This is when
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the advertisements came into play, and people were being more cautious of the affects of cigarette smoking. The First ad I chose is one that would attract a male audience who has interests in football. Most men watch football, and I think it is a great ad to target males who smoke. The ad is a football team huddled together with a quote saying, “Winning requires teamwork. So does quitting tobacco.” This is a statement that can reach out to football fans who smoke. Also some football players who smoke as well and are trying to make it somewhere in the National Football League. “Cigarettes and cigarette butts are the most littered items on our beaches.”(TobaccoFreeFlorida). This second ad I chose really made me interested because of the photo of the beach. An ad like this will target almost anyone who lives in Florida or really anywhere. Most everyone enjoys going to the beach, and people who smoke would look at this ad and feel a little guilty and that’s the point. The ad states “Please keep your butts off the beach.” It is a catchy quote because its referring to cigarette butts. I feel this ad would not only help people second guess smoking on our beaches but it will also help them quit. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemical compounds. More than 250 of these chemicals are known to be harmful, and at least 69 are