Essay Teen Drinking and the Effects

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Teen drinking is a major problem in the United States causing many deaths, injuries, and even affecting teens future. In America, 2/3 of teens from 14-21 drink on a regular basis, and there are over an average of 4,000 deaths per year due to underage drinking.
Teen drinkers are taking great risks with their drinking. Studies show that kids who started drinking at the age of 15 have a less developed brain that those who didn’t drink. Drinking affects a teen’s academic skills by impairing their memory and learning abilities.
Drinking can also cause shallow breathing, irregular heartbeat, or low body temperature. Teens who started drinking at the age of 15 have a higher risk of being alcohol dependant in the future. Studies show that alcohol could be a gateway to teens who drink, to influence them to do drugs.
So if they are underage, how do they get beer and other alcohol? Teens usually have a very easy way of getting beer. If someone over 21 has a job at a place that sells, they might not ID the teen before giving them beer even if they know that the teen isn’t over the age of 21. Teens might give someone over 21 the money and have them buy it. Or maybe they simply just take it from their parents or other people who already have some.
Teens can drive. Drinking and driving is never safe, especially at a younger age with less experience. Around 4,000 deaths happen per year because of drinking. 1,200 of those deaths are due to teen drinking and driving. This is the leading