Teen Plastic Surgery Is Becoming An Ugly Trend Essay

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Teen plastic surgery is becoming an ugly trend
Michelle sanson
Keiser University

Teen plastic surgery is a new trend that is growing, and becoming more and more popular as the years progress; however it is becoming an ugly trend. Teens have different motives to plastic surgery as opposed to adults. The reason for teens having procedures done is to blend in with peers, and to feel normal. As opposed to adults mostly have these procedures done to stand out. The main cause of adolescents deciding to take such drastic measures has to be blamed on the harsh reality of society, and what we perceive as the perfect image is to be. This message is confusing to a young adult, and in my opinion creates a distorted reality. What these teenagers see on billboards, television shows, and in magazines are what create that desire to want to look like that image. The effects that this creates on young adults are numerous; the first one I would like to elaborate on is parents approval, and supporting the idea of going through with such drastic measures . The fact that the parents are allowing this is adding to society's madness. while appearance may be important, taking such measures makes it ok to look at someone's appearance over someone's ability to do a job. Many years ago plastic surgery was considered a very private procedure to do. Parents accepting this is taking away from the privacy and value of it. They are creating a beast that will grow into a very ugly trend. Parents should focus more on allowing their children to be children, in addition to helping them not to focus on the smaller things like perfecting image. Parents that support plastic surgery form the idea in their children's head that they want them to change. In turn this could be adding to self-esteem problems in the future including (BDD) body dysmorphic disorder. The second effect that is becoming a huge problem is, teenagers are now focusing more on image rather that academics. This is a huge distraction to our youth. For example Bluth, J.L.(2007) quoted "With prolonged body dissatisfaction, many place themselves at risk for developing disordered eating behaviors, partly as a result of their efforts to attain their goals. When girls have been unsuccessful at achieving an ideal body shape, many will perceive themselves as failures (pg. 37). This can cause many academic problems for young adults because; now in order to achieve you have to fit that ideal image. We are no longer focusing on achieving high academic grades, and allowing image to be a priority. In turn this is a huge cause of academic failure. The third effect I would like to reflect on, is the fact that cosmetic surgery in teens can stunt there growth. Certain procedures like Rhinoplasty and breast augmentations are not beneficial to teenagers that are still in their prime years of growth. By allowing cosmetic surgery during this vital time of their lives could be doing much more harm than good to these adolescents. Reshaping of the nose in a teenager before they are finished with their growing phase could result in bigger problems, because the structure of the face hasn't matured yet. Also, for example a 16 year old girl wanting breast implants; if this is something that they decide to go through with parents consent it could end up being a disaster a few years down the line. The reason why is because girls still grow breast tissue after the age 16-18, and even after having children in the future. Which would result in further surgeries in the future, and this could very well effect them psychologically. The last effect I would like to talk about is, The fact that us as adults should not allow our teenagers to undergo these procedures because of these risks and, simple facts. For example author Cooper, K.C. (2014) wrote "research shows that the regions of the