Teen Preganancy Essay

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Teen Pregnancy

Bringing a child to the world and becoming a mother is probably the most exciting experience a mother can have. What happens when teen mom is being faced with a situation where they need to pay for child’s necessities? Now day’s teen moms are likely to obtain healthcare from the government especially when they are not employed. Families are a big influence at times and may not support the mother to have a child. When being a teen mom there many decisions that a teen can make that are maybe not the correct ones which it’s to abort or adopt. But it’s a choice that will probably make that person happy or even because they are put in a situation where they need to give their child in adoption due to economic status.
The government can be very helpful in situations like this although maybe it’s not agreeable that a teenager at such a young age gets pregnant due to the fact they are maybe still living under their parents roof, most likely still depend on is their parents just because they are too young to work or they still go to school. Through this process having a child requires medical attention where insurance comes in for the child and the mother having to pay for the pregnancy, hospital stays, nurses and doctors coming to check how the patient is doing, the medication that they need to insert while having the baby all of these examples are things that are medically necessary and that are need to be done and if this teen mom does not have the proper insurance to pay it, well that’s where Medicaid comes in and the Government usually has to pay for it. Government thought that by putting abstinence programs since the year of 1981 and spending almost 170 million dollars on programs for teenage girls would decrease the situation, because of course that would benefit them in not spending the amount of money they do when teenage girls are getting pregnant at such a young age. Unfortunately even with these programs the rate for teenagers getting pregnant has not been able to change. Families can be a big influence in a teenager who has become pregnant, especially when the mother was young and also was a teenager who became pregnant, they surely don’t want to see their child go through the same thing. There are cases where the parents of the teenager obligate them to not keep the child and they force them to give up the child. In these cases it may benefit the mother of the teenager because it isn’t another situation her life and where they don’t have to be involved not only personally but economically as well, but later knowing that this may bring awful regrets maybe in the future. Being a support for the teenager that’s having the child is very important it can help that teenager make the right decisions maybe in difficult times. Right now I believe that the easiest choice one teen mom can make while finding out that she is pregnant because she is so young to have the child not being able to afford it, is giving them up for adoption or just aborting them. Not realizing that when you’re giving your child for adoption it is a process that needs to take time in order to find the right agency for adoption. Then after you have found the agency having to find the parents that will take good care of your child and those cost are not inexpensive they are very costly they range about $5,000 to $40,000 maybe even more all depending on the factors and of course all benefits many the chosen parents, the agency that will be receiving the money for this child. Another choice that usually teenagers make that can be somewhat easy for them but also very costly is having an abortion which in fact now days many people are very…