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Teen pregnancy in the United States has been a big issue now for the past few years and it seems as though the number of teenagers becoming pregnant is rising yearly. The fact is the number of pregnant teens in the U.S. is becoming out of control, and America has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the western industrialized world. 1/3 of all American girls will get pregnant in their teens, costing America billions of dollars each year. Although bringing new life into the world is always exciting; it can create a life full of stress while when these mother are simply in their teens. One of the biggest effects of becoming pregnant as a teenager is the drop out rate. Trying to care for a child and remain in school can be a tough and seemly impossible. Infants require twenty-four seven attention, which would leave few if anytime to focus on school and meeting the requirements to graduate. Pregnant teens have a eighty percent drop out rate, since becoming pregnant as a teen effects the academic skill performance leading to what pregnant teens see as only their choice, to drop out. This has also leads to the struggles to come as far as income, today it is very hard to obtain a good job without a college degree and the cost of living is constantly rising. Some believe teen pregnancy is the foundation to struggling single parent families “One in four U.S. public school students drop out of high school before graduation and nearly one-third of teen girls who have dropped out of high school cite early pregnancy or parenthood as a key reason. Clearly there is an urgent need for leaders focused on preventing school dropout and those focused on reducing teen pregnancy to work together “(thenationalcampaign.org) Research has proven that eighty percent of teenage moms end up in poverty on welfare. Although many teen moms can not afford to have an abortion or do not believe in it will often turn to adoption. This is actually a very good option for unplanned pregnancy because unlike abortion it can give the mother the chance to know her child and have some type of relationship although it may not be the child relationship. Also it gives the child a chance at having a better life that a teenage mom would not have been able to provide. Since males whose mother were younger than eighteen when the were conceived are almost three times more likely to end up in prison, in comparison to males that mothers were over the age of twenty when they were born. Even though many pregnant teens do not seem to take advantage of the choice of adoption. One of the biggest and rather serious issues of