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Name: Elizabeth Calloway Professor/ Instructor: Beth Duncan Course: CM220-11: College Composition II School: Kaplan University Title: Lower Tuition Costs

Title: Lower Tuition Costs
How much money does the government spend on tuition costs? I have read that the government spends about 145 billion dollars per year on tuition costs for student. How much money can a student borrow? I have read that undergraduate student can only borrow 5,500 and 7,500 a year and graduate student can borrow up the full cost of attendance. How much does tuition costs to attend school? It depends on what degree you are going for there are book supplies thing like that. Can lower tuition costs help the economy out? Yes, I think tuition costs can help the economy.
Thesis statement:
If the government and school would lower tuition costs, it would benefit the student as well as the economy as a whole lot. But not only will making college less expensive, but it will give a lot of people a sense of accomplishment to start a project and fishing it without worrying about finances. But there are a few colleges that are non profit and the government programs that help qualified applicants with cost of tuition, but it is sometimes difficult to meet those requirements. I understand that college tuition is necessary because make sure that we as student are given adequate resources, text books. The challenges that I will might, face in supporting this thesis is that some college or university might not agree with me. My big idea plan would be is trying to get college student who are having the heard time to pay for school to sign a pronunciation to ask the government and college for help to great us new student loan or lower tuition costs so that every student can have a chance to afford student loan and afford to fishing their education. They can give student more scholarship money to help student out to pay for their education.

Today the rising costs of getting a higher education is sends million student and people into stake of shock every year, to pay off student loan and debt had grow bigger. In the past decade the average tuition for a year of college has been on the risen about 40% to 3,500 at a 4 year college or university, the costs has been risen 68% to 8,000 a year. When I doing my reaching for my project I had found a very good YouTube video that is relate to my topic in this video he talk about the costs of tuition is