Essay about Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy
Brianna Johnson
Composition 1 with Mr. Hooker
March 19, 2013

I. Introduction
II. Causes of Teen Pregnancy
A. Lack of a Proper Education
1. Reasons for Lack of Education
a. Discomfort from parent or child
b. Fear That It Will Encourage Sexual Activity
c. Uncertainty about When to educate the child
2. Results a. Unprotected Sex
b. Misuse of Protection
c. Teens aren’t aware of consequences
B. Increased Sexual Activity in Teens
1. Reasons for Increased Sexual Activity a. Peer Pressure
b. Teens Not Understanding the Significance of Sex
c. Drugs / Alcohol
d. Curiosity
e. “sex sells”
C. Transition Sentence III.

Why Teen Pregnancy is a Cause for Concern
A. Negative Mental/Psychological Effects 1. Effects on Child
a. Child Is At Higher Risk of Having Behavioral Problem
2. Negative Mental Effects on Mother (and possibly father) A1. Initial Excitement
A2. Worry
b. Fear
c. Confusion
d. Resentment
e. Frustration
f. Depression
B. Negative Physical Effects
1. Effects on Mother
a. Higher Risk for Anemia
b. Higher Risk for Higher Blood Pressure causing Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
d. Higher Risk for Cervical Cancer
e. Higher Risk for Miscarriage
f. Higher Risk to transmit an STD 2. Effects on Child
a. Higher Risk for Fetal Distress
b. Higher Risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome)
c. Higher Risk of Prematurely Birth / Low Birth Weight
d. Higher Risk of Delayed Development

C. Negative Effects on Overall Quality of Life
1. Lower Level of Education
2. Less Money Earned
3. Depression
4. Social Isolation
5. Limited Job Opportunities D. Transition Sentence IV

Teenage Mothers Tend To Have Poor Prenatal Care
A. Mothers and Unborn Children Suffer From Malnutrition
1. Lack of Information 2. Lack of Money
a. Teenagers Tend to Slack on Prenatal Doctors’ Visits
1. Less Screening for Potential Problems 2. Less Preparation and Counseling
a. Mothers Do Not Receive Counseling on the Actual Birthing Process
b. Important Information on Appropriate Behavior for the Mother Is not received
1. Smoking
2. Drinking
3. Drugs

Many Problems Arise When Teens have babies
A. The Majority of Teen Moms Are Unmarried and Undereducated
2. Lower Income
a. Lack of Nutrition
b. Difficulty Obtaining Childcare
c. Decreased Options of Continuing Education
2. High Rates of Poverty a. Unsafe Feeling
b. Low self esteem
c. Low self-Efficiency
B. Transition Sentence V.

E. Transition Sentence

VI. Conclusion

VII. Work Cited Page

Could this be the new “baby boomers” era? Many people in the U.S would think so, considering the number of teen pregnancy now-a-days. Even though teen pregnancy has always been present, the world today is far different from the life people were living forty years ago. Back then it was normal to send your daughter off to get married, start a family, and be the housewife she was meant to be. Today is a new generation and sadly, it’s far more complicated. Why do so many people advertise “sex”, and then wonder why so many teens are having babies? Teen pregnancy is now known as an “epidemic” that we cannot change no matter how hard we try.
When that time comes to have the “talk” with your child, how many parents actually talk to their child about safe sex? Many parents see it as something that talking about it will actually encourage their child to try it out, leaving their teens curious per say. Some aren’t comfortable enough with their child to express the importance of being careful, while others just don’t know when the right time is to let them know how crucial it is. Does this leave the parent’s at fault for not informing their loved one of what something that seems so natural can do to them and how it can change their life forever? “Teens who received comprehensive sex education were 60 percent less likely to report becoming pregnant or impregnating