Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen Pregnancy
Phyllis Lovering

Teen Pregnancy In the United States we have about 42 million teenagers. Teen pregnancy are a result of Peer pressure and fitting in with the other girls. Majority of Babies born to teenagers. Are born to unwed mothers. Before 1980 most teen mothers were married, after that era most teen pregnancies were unwed. The last few decades is has declined, but, still has a high rate. For some teenagers, they see in the tabloids or maybe a movie where their idol is pregnant or starring in a movie about teen pregnancy and want to follow in their footsteps. They are to busy wanting to be like the other girls, they do not think in the long run. Most teen pregnancies result into another family drawing public assistance. Many draw Food stamps, Medicaid and Tanf (Temporary aid to needy families). Most women have to raise these kids alone so only place they have to turn is government assistance. Furthering their education or work is put on hold. Many of these girls have no high school diploma. When an unwed mother goes on public assistance it puts more of a strain on the working class people. When a student drops out of high school the country suffers a lost wage income. One person drops out of high school costs the nation around $260,000 dollars yearly. Each year the taxpayers pay a lot of money for healthcare for cost for unwed mothers. Babies born to teenage mothers tend to be not as healthy as babies born to older women.
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