Essay about Teen violence

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Dahlia Thomas
World Literature/ Period 1
January 12, 2012
Final Draft Essay

Dear parent organization,

The teenage race in this generation is diminishing with respect as we know it. Statistics show that 15.7% of today’s crimes involve or are committed by today’s adolescents. That percentage will continue to increase immensely in the years to come, so it needs to be ceased. The next generation of offspring will never exist if we wipe out the current one. We teens are killing one another, our own brothers and sisters! It’s time for you nurturers to take a stand, and put an end to this outrage.
To begin with, it is required to receive love from you parents in order to feel comfortable with ourselves. Most teenage crimes result from emotions toward one another, most likely because this is the main stage in life where teens find themselves. However, these feelings can also allow us to harm ourselves. When I was a child, I had a best friend named Kayla. She was obese, and used to face each and every day with hurtful teases and jokes about her weight. One day, she was caught trying to commit suicide by holding a sharp knife to her heart, trying to persuade herself that she couldn’t take it anymore and that she had no purpose on this earth. She believed that piercing her heart and ending her life was the solution to her suffrage. So as you can see, feeling self-hatred and insecurity because of neglect causes enough anger for itself. Showing that you love and appreciate their presence on earth may raise the confidence of a teen. This may encourage them that they don’t need to put others in danger to satisfy themselves. Having talks with your child may also help because crime can take place from emotions held inside for a long period of time. In addition to teen emotion, teen violence can also be reduced by being aware of their environment and the people they hang with. Everywhere teens may turn, there are many negative influences surrounding them. The people or peers they spend time with can have an immense effect on the child. The school they attend, the adolescents they associate with, and how they handle situations all contribute to the teen’s growing personality. It is vital to remember those key points for proper