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I’m from the NIH (National Institute on Drug Abuse) and I have been giving the task of creating a campaign to try and lower the amount of drug use by teenagers in Western Australia, with this trend hopefully going bigger. I’ve been asked by the Government to come up with this campaign in a task to eliminate drug use in teenagers and hopefully by older people as well. There is a high amount of drug use in teenagers in today’s modern society which has been high than it was since the start of the millennium. Marijuana use by teenagers was on the decline from the late 1990’s to mid-2000, but ever since then it has been on the increase which has been quite high. This is a study that was taken in 2012 from 8th, 10th and 12th graders from around Australia.
Marijuana in 2012 - 6.5% in 8th graders, 17% in 10th graders and a big 22.9% in 12th graders.
Two other studies were conducted from the amount of people that smoke tobacco and drink alcohol underage.
Tobacco in 2012 (This studies was only conducted to 12th graders) – 17.1% in 12th graders
Alcohol in 2012 – 3.6% in 8th graders, 14.5% in 10th graders and another high of 28.1% in 12th graders
A lot to do with this campaign is to do with the targeting of not just the teenagers themselves but a lot of it also focused on the parents, other family members and close friends of the drug user. As you can see by the figures from above, drug use in teenagers has climbed and is still climbing at a high rate. The aspects behind