Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Facing an unwanted pregnancy is a life changing experience. It comes with threats and potential complications. Unwanted pregnancy can affect a teen’s education level, which is linked to her financial future. It can also threaten her health both physical and emotional, and has negative social impacts.
The relationship between academic failure and unwanted teen-pregnancy is strong. During an interview with a teenage Mother, M, in February 2012, she stated that she hadshe had dropped out of school for nearly a year due to the pressure of being pregnant. This is the general trend according to an article titled ‘Teenage Pregnancy’ (2008:25) Low education level can lead to poverty. Thus, the lacks of education can may outcomeresult in durable unemployment, or poor paying job orand a dark future.
Bigger responsibility is needed during pregnancy. Sometimes the absence of the baby’s father can result most teenage mums to end up in poverty, depending on a monthly welfare check. All these financial would bring pressure to the teen –who is still trying to be physically mature in this situation.
Pregnancy is perhaps not very socially positive for teenagersteenager’s life. Even though, having a child does not ruin the teen’sheir life, i. It only changes the path that they are ontheir life path. It makes their life to be more difficult, but not impossible. Being pregnant as a teenager would make them to lose their independence, putting a limit to their social life and other enjoyment that comes with being a teenager. OIn the long run, there are more social disadvantages than advantages with teenage pregnancy.
Teenage mothers mayTeenage mothers may experience alienation from their family and friends. In the movie Juno (2007), – she Juno experienced unfriendly unpleasant comments from the ultrasound technician about her being pregnant. in such a young age - other students aAt school she is being alienated by other students; eJuno and stared at her when she walks passed themveryone stared and moved away from her as she walks passed them. M stated that she found who her true friends were during her pregnancy as a teenager. Therefore, unwanted pregnancy may result in social misery.
Teen pregnancies can cause many health problems, both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy would may make young mums feel unhappy, with low self-esteem. All the pressure and problems that they are facing could can lead them to suffer depression which causesing them to be emotionalemotional. that This aren’tis