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Teenager of the Year Acceptance Speech First and foremost, I’d love to thank each and everyone of ya’ll who nominated me for this wonderful award. I ask myself, Megan, why would you of all people be chosen for this award?
I simply tell myself, because I am the greatest, duh? Now besides the fact that I’m obviously the perfect recipient for this award, I want to acknowledge every nominee and just say… I’m sorry for loss you have received, and you may not understand why I, Megan Nicole Johnson, was selected, so very carefully to be the Teenager of the Year. And that’s perfectly okay, because I have no clue either except for the well known fact that I am the best that there is.
No hard feelings should be taken, for there is always a next year, but don’t be surprised if I’m up here again with the honor of receiving another one of these. My qualifications for this award, surely surpass anyone within a 1000 mi. radius. Being that I have a perfect GPA of
4.0, a 35 on my ACT, and scholarships from Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth, Honors in everything I do, All­star soccer player, etc. My parents basically gave birth to perfection itself.
My excellence has granted me this wonderful opportunity and I couldn’t have done it without, well… myself of course. Id like to thank all my dashingly wonderful teachers who have done the best job at what they do… teaching, and uhm I’d also like to thank my parents for being my mains through it all. Being the best there is, is