Essay about Teens and Violent Video Games

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By:Iaan Sebesta Are you aware,that swaths of forest the size of Panama are cleared every year.Are you aware, that 25,000 species could go extinct in the next quarter century due to deforestation.Are you aware, in over 100 years there could be no more rain forests.And knowing that,are you aware that 20% of the worlds oxygen is produced by the rain forest. And if the rain forest is cleared in a hundred years what will happen to us when 20% of the worlds oxygen is gone.Deforestation,one of the worlds most hellish concepts on the planet.Wildlife of the forest are suffering because deforestation has destroyed their home.People think that we are fine and that deforestation is good,but what about the environment?These people are wrong because they are probably people who support oil mining or more space for humans.Food for animals has become scarce and they eat anything they can find.Whether it be road salt or trash from your garbage.Just another reason it should be stopped.Their water has now become poisonous due to the oil trailing into the water.The wild animals pay for our wrongdoings.Animals are forced to leave their forest home to try to find water and food sources. And when people catch them the people kill the animals. Animals are suffering for our mistake to destroy their land for a piece of paper.The environment gets affected by deforestation directly because the plant life and land are being destroyed.Also we are pretty much killing ourselves here because 20% of the oxygen on earth is made by the rain forests.The deforestation is all the human race’s