Teens: Endocrine System and Secrets Various Hormones Essay

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During the teenage years, a person's life changes substantially. These changes are mostly brought about by the endocrine system. The system influences cells, organs and bodily functions, signalling the start of our teenage years. The endocrine system produces hormones, which are in charge of this process. Hormones produced in the teenage years are referred to as “raging hormones” most likely to describe their unusual moodiness and lack of common sense. The gonadal hormones, in charge of puberty, will exaggerate behaviour and place teenagers at risk. During the teenage years the developing mind does not register risks as adults do, instead, there are many activities that they partake, most of which are extremely risky. In the movie, these include burnouts and binge drinking. Studies from the test show that a teenage mind is more adventurous and open.

As stated earlier, the endocrine affects basically all our main bodily functions, cells and organs. This also includes our sexual hormones and glands, including the ovaries, testes, thyroid gland and adrenal glands. Different genders have a different hormone which controls their sex drive. In males, it is testosterone, and in females it is oestrogen. Sex comes with many risks, the main one being STDs. Most STDs cannot be cured and can only be prevented by using condoms etc. STDs include HIV, HPV, gonorrhoea herpes and genital warts.

Binge drinking causes many problems on our body, mainly our brain. However, our endocrine system is also hit hard by binge drinking. It can cause lower levels of testosterone, inadequate testes and ovary functions, causing deficiencies in hormones and infertility. Our hormones are like the messengers who warn their king of an impending attack, and they are essential to our body. However, when we drink too much, our hormones are affected which can cause diabetes, high glucose levels, infertility and a higher chance of developing osteoporosis. Binge drinking is dangerous as it can cause both short term and long term consequences to our body and its functions. In the short term, it can cause us to throw up and lose consciousness. It can also lead us into fights, as constantly seen on the news. In the long term, it can cause brain damage, causing brain cells to die permanently as well as other severe health risks.

Sleep is one of the most important functions that our body has to perform. It helps us regain energy. Lack of sleep can lead to serious problems, like brain function and cognitive ability.