Teeth and Their Impact on Social Views Essay

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Teeth have become a huge social status indicator in this day and age in America. They show how much money an individual has, along with power. Have you ever seen someone on television from America with poor, crooked, yellow teeth? More than likely the answer is no, but if it’s yes, they were meant to look that way. The way America thinks is not only mind boggling, in my opinion, but it is wrong. Some of the richest people on earth have really quite awful teeth, but they chose to have them that way. They may have a reason for the way they look, and they should be entitled to that without everyone in America—literally—judging them every time they make a public appearance. On the contrary, some of the poorest and most needy people can be born with extremely nice teeth. Does that mean they have more money than I do? Not necessarily, but with this stereotype floating around that’s exactly what extremely naïve people are lead to believe. I do understand that it is a little easier on the eyes to see teeth that are so white they blind you, and so nice and straight you can tell they’re fake, but does that really make me, individually, think that that person has more power than I? Personally, no, because I could care less about what a person looks like. However, this isn’t about me. This is about our very sad and shallow America as a whole. When you look at other countries like Britain, for instance, they promote the flawed teeth look. Some of their best models have a gap right in-between their front two teeth. There is an actual commercial promoting “The London Look” which features a blonde haired blue-eyed model with a giant gap between her front two teeth. When some Americans see this commercial they immediately think less of that model and say things like “why wouldn’t they fix her teeth before putting her in a commercial,” or “if she has

so much money why wouldn’t she get her teeth fixed.” The answer is simple. Other countries could care less about the way their teeth look. It’s only us. Americans would never allow somebody to go on a television show without somehow making that person’s teeth look perfect. If we want someone to look like they…