Telemedicine Research Paper

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Bashur reported that “Telemedicine involves the use of modern information technology, especially two-way interactive audio/video communications, computers and telemetry to deliver health services to remote patients and to facilitate information exchange between primary care physicians and specialists at some distance from each other” (as cited in Starren, Nesbitt, Chiang, & 2014). However, telehealth pertains to remote clinical healthcare services afforded by telemedicine methods, and other automated systems and resources. Furthermore, telehealth has become ubiquitous in the health field such as being used in teleradiology, teleophthalmology, telepsychiatry, and correctional telehealth (Starren et al., 2014).
Teleradiology comprises the biggest usage of remote interpretation and of telehealth. Teleradiology and telepathology work in conjunction with each other. According to Starren, Nesbitt, and Chiang (2014), “With the deployment of picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) that capture, store, transmit and displays teleradiology images, the line between
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The same theory applies to devices that have Bluetooth capabilities and sending data to the patient’s smart phone and then to the physicians smart phone. Finally, remote interpretation is a category of store-and-forward telehealth that involves capturing images and data from one location but delivering it to another location for analysis. Examples which were discussed prior in this discussion include “radiographs (teleradiology), photographs (teledermatology, teleophthalmology, telepathology), wave forms such as ECGs (e.g., telecardiology), and text-based medical data” (Starren et al.,