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Telenursing…the Future Is Now Naomi Hurst
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR361: Information Systems in Healthcare
September 2014

Telenursing…the Future Is Now
Telemedicine, the term initially used to describe the delivery of healthcare services from a distance through the use technology, began as early as the 1920’s when Doctors would utilize radio to diagnose patients and give recommendations. In the 1960’s, with the advancements into aerospace, the term “telemedicine” was vastly replaced with the term “telehealth” as astronauts began to transmit crew members’ psychological reports back to physicians on earth. Telehealth encompasses the use of many applications such as videoconferencing, store and forward imaging
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Many aspects of patient engagement can be achieved through telenursing. Communication between nurse and patient is often increased therefore decreasing the hassle of making an appointment, the discomfort of driving, and decreasing stress, worry, and fear by having a live person available at the time of need or question. Provider effectiveness can be achieved through a team consultation approach, expanding resources through global technology, and increasing patient options. Both information and encouragement are provided to the patient through the use of nursing informatics. The nurse is better able to track data and goal progress through increased communication and provide feedback to the patient in a timely manner. The nurse is also able to access a multitude of electronic resources in any comprehension level and language, the nurse can then direct a patient to resources through mailing, direct link, or referral to a local agency. Lastly, patient incentive can come through many facets, consultations via information technology is often more frequent than in home or office visits, Telenurses are often able to spend more time with the patient than a nurse in a doctor’s office, and cost savings may