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Making and receiving telephone calls.
Making and receiving telephone calls.
There are different types of telephone systems; there are mobile phones and landlines. I use land lines while I am in the office, to communicate with the candidates however when I am on call I use a mobile phone to text my candidates and to phone my clients.
I make phone calls to clients to find out their requirements, or problems regarding candidates. I also make phone call to candidates to arrange interviews, registrations, inductions and also to let them know I found them a job that I suits to their needs.
I get my candidates names and numbers from our company’s soft ware , and previously filled by candidates application forms I use various internet websites to find suitable candidates for my vacancies. The client’s details are kept in a data base called
To make outside an organisations calls, press 9 and then dial a number. To make inside an (internal) organisation phone calls, you press internal call and they you pick the person you like to speak to.
At all times I must be well presented, in office hours. Make sure you wear the right close look professional. Always act professional at all times. Make sure you use appropriate languages.
I would summarise the outcome of a telephone conversation before ending the call, I would also make notes during the phone conversation, and after the conversation.
If I have problems with the candidates I would inform client, for example when candidates ring you up late at night telling you they can’t make their shift for any reason, I contact the client to see if he wants a replacement.
Transfer ring calls to the right person, is very easy with our telephone system, you press internal call, and then all the names of the people working for the company will show up on the telephone screen and you press the right person you want to transfer the call to.
If there are any problems with any of the payroll queries or any problems with temps, we put them through to pay roll manager or my own director.
If we have any problems with our telephone system we call our IT Company , and they will to the office, and make sure everything will be fine with our system the same day as our phone lines are the most important to the business.
We identify the caller by asking a simple amount of questions, what’s…