Essay on Telephony: Internet and Business

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Brief history of IP network
In today’s technology world there are many types of network systems available for all types of business to invest in. Some systems are able to help businesses grow well older technology will keep businesses behind. I am talking about the old Legacy world that business and individuals are still using for everyday task.
The legacy world was built to support traditional, data applications. With the mass popularity of the internet and an increasing desire to implement new IP applications such as video conferencing and IP Communications, businesses are demanding increased performance and prioritization capabilities from their networks.
Due to the demand from businesses, services providers have been focusing their attention on migrating business from the legacy world to the new IP data network services. The IP network supports voice, video and data traffic onto a single network. This system is targeted to help businesses that require more complex networks. However, in today’s technology most services providers have converted their customers to the new IP data network.

Combining Products
Businesses are looking for opportunities to use phone, internet and IT solutions that will increase productivity, collaboration and reduce expenses. With the new IP features rolled out to business it will create value saving packages that include phone, internet, and IT. Service provides are trying to increases the services to customers by including in these internet packages Centrex voice services, dedicated technical support and leading business collaboration and productivity tools that may include Hosted Exchanges and a PC-based phone. The PC-based phone, a voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP) solution, provides even more flexibility for businesses.
The combined packages are being provided are a cost-effective solution for businesses since there is no hardware or software to purchase upfront. All necessary components are provided and maintained by most services providers. The system comes complete with an easy to access technical support service.

VoIP is a new technology companies are investing because overall VoIP has more advantages then disadvantages. VoIP is basically the same idea of talking over a phone line but instead it is conveyed over the internet. However, there are many other items that come into play to have this technology work.
Companies are switching to the VoIP system as they are able to save money and use many new features offers. When a company installs VoIP there is no additional hardware or Software that is required to be purchased. Basically the only requirements are the internet and a sound card in the computer which ultimately saves the company money.
Time and money are always a concern with businesses and with this product it has been noted that business save about 40% on local calls and 90% on long distance calls. This is due to the fact business are not required to pay for each call placed on VoIP where on the normal phone line international calls can be costly.
Another excellent feature VoIP offers is conference calling. With the ability to use the conference calling feature businesses are able to avoid fees that would normally be charged on using bridges provided by a services provider.
One of the main requirements for VoIP to work effectively for a business is a good quality internet connection. Companies need to research and investigate in their local areas to see what types of connections are available.

FibreOP is the new internet services available to business and homes in the Maritime Provinces. Currently the FibreOP is being rolled out to customers in communities within New Brunswick by the services provided Bell Aliant LP. The next expansion of the FibreOP will be into Nova Scotia communities. FibreOP will provide speeds of 20 Mbps download and 5 Mbps uploads. With the increasing capacity of upload and download speeds