Television and Dr. Uwakeh English Essay

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Chasity Brown
Dr. Uwakeh
English 101
October 3,2013

Television in America

Television was born in the early 1920’s; the collaboration of mechanical systems and projection technologies enabled the ideas of many scientists to come to life. The thought of a device that could project images on to a screen from a different place was unheard of; however it was one of the most innovative ideas of its time. The invention was introduced to the world in hopes to create a happier, more convenient life, by being able to get a source of entertainment and information all at home. The television was invented for the enjoyment of people and to join families together for shows that would often remind them of themselves and each other. Conversely, no one predicted that television would be to blame for influencing anti-social behaviors, discouraging healthy physical development, and lastly, making immoral actions attractive.

Television can make people feel as if they have no need to interact with others, because they have developed a relationship with the shows that they watch everyday. As human beings, it is known that social needs must be met in order for them to be fulfilled. Being that television heavily promotes anti-social behavior threw these makeshift relationships with the person watching TV and the show, people become unable to create relationships with actual people. This is why people are emotionally invested in television shows, because they only interact with the TV. Establishing relationships is important, because they are the building blocks for all community activities and contribute to how people will lead their own lives. In short, people do not work well in isolation; people build on each other to be all that they can be, so that they may fulfill their needs.

Physical activities are an essential component for healthy lifestyles; therefore, when people are only at home watching television, they are not participating in activities that would normally increase their growth. Being active can decrease the risk of any person suffering from chronic diseases, such as heart diseases and stroke that could eventually lead to death. In addition, adopting regular physical activity habits instead of making it a habit to be at home to catch popular shows can prevent these things from happening. Television has become one of the primary sources of American obesity, because it is such a popular past time, and people don’t make an effort to change these things. Television provides cheap entertainment that is in the convenience of people’s homes. Television has become the source of all social needs, so it stops people from participating in activities that would help with the many physical problems that are arising. Moreover, when people are physically healthy it can promote mental health, so it is…