Television and Jerry Springer Essay

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However, there are also television programs that affect children negatively.
For instance; on channel eleven, there is a very bad program that is bad for the children; it is called “Jerry Springer”. This program should not be shown on TV because it has a lot of fights and vulgar language. “W.W.F” is another negative program, which has too much violence, and unfortunately children love it. Children should not see these kinds of programs because children tend to imitate the fighters. In addition, there are some movies that have a lot of violence and bad words and children love these kinds of movies. Children like and learn how to use knives, guns and explosives because they see it on TV. Sometimes children take the role of their superheroes in real life because they see their favorite actors using these weapons. For example; when children watch the actor stealing a car on TV, they learn from it and they also want to steal because they want to be like their superheroes. In my response, I would like to say that television has an enormous effect on children.
However these effects can be bad or good. For example; I have two children who are eleven years old and they like to watch television a lot. Their favorite show is “W.W.F” but I forbid my children to watch it because it has too much violence. Sometimes, my children like to play the role of a wrestler, but I don’t allow them because I am afraid that they might be hurt. My children don’t like to watch educational programs such as “Barney”, “Blue’s Clues”, “Dora the explorer”, or “Bob, The Builder” because they say that these programs are for babies. They prefer action programs such as W.W.F, violent movies such as “Last Action Hero”, James Bond “007”, and “Kiss of the
Dragon” and youth funny shows