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Asia Thompson
English 003/3M Today’s Television Shows
What happened to those shows that had meaning? There used to be television shows like Barney, Arthur, and Sesame Street, parents used to introduce their kids to. These shows were shows that would teach kids a lesson or two with some entertainment. These were the shows I was brought up with which have impacted me in a positive way. Now we introduce kids to television shows that are just for entertainment. As a child I remember watching shows that were beneficial to my education. Each show taught me something different. For an example, I would say Arthur taught me different ways to handle different situations, Sesame Street taught me my numbers, colors and alphabets, and Barney taught me kindness and to share with different kinds of people. I can remember watching and sitting in front the television singing along with Elmo. While learning, I was having fun. Learning was a must while watching television. As I grew older, the television shows slowly began to fade away. It was about entertainment more than learning. Then there were shows that had morals. The shows would teach kids a lesson at the end and tell what should be done if he were ever in the situation similar to the episode. In the shows I watched growing up there was never cursing or kissing or anything of that nature. This brings us to today’s television shows.

The television shows kids watch are now for more entertainment than their education. For an example, SpongeBob comes on television all day. SpongeBob is a nice kids show, but I wouldn’t recommend any child to sit and watch it all day. SpongeBob will not teach the kids their alphabets or numbers. The television shows now are too exposing. When I say exposing, I mean that the shows children watch today are exposing them to a lot at such young ages. Children shouldn’t be watching shows where there is any interaction in relationships. This is just what Disney Channel is doing showing the kids kissing and intimate relationships. More shows that come on today like Family Guy, which I think is ridiculous for children to watch because there is cursing and a lot of other things children shouldn’t be seeing on television. There are still some shows children can watch on television and learn from. Dora the Explorer, a television show that teaches children diversity. Children