Television In Presidential Elections

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In the United States of America, television plays an important role in presidential elections. Long ago when there wasn’t television, information about the presidential election was spread through newspapers and the radio. Although those methods didn’t provide a lot of information, people cared about actual issues and solutions. The television now acts as one of the main suppliers of information about the presidential elections. The addition of television to presidential elections helps to spread more information and gets more people to better understand who the candidates are, but at the same time it distracts people from what really matters most when choosing a new president.
Television supplies people with a great deal of information about the presidential elections. When people voted for presidents without the aid of television they didn’t have that much information to make their decision off of, but now people can
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When deciding who the next president should be, it is important to know all the main candidates’ views on all of the current issues. These days, distracted Americans are worrying about things that hold no importance in choosing a new president, such as what kind of underwear Bill Clinton prefers (Source B). “Our national politics has become a competition… between images, rather than between ideals (Source C). When people listened to the Nixon vs. Kennedy debates on the radio, “people… scored it a draw” but then when they saw the debates on television, they labeled Kennedy the winner because Nixon had on a “light colored suit, wrong make up, [and] bad posture” (Source C). By increasing the value of appearances in the presidential elections, television is also clearly negatively influencing the results of the presidential