Television: Television and Increment Reading Abilities Essay

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Fifty years ago, almost no one had television set. Now there are more household with TV than ever. Also, American homes contain 2-3 set sometimes with sets in each child's bedroom. According to the American Academy of pediatrics shows an average child in the United States spends about 25 hours a week in front the television. Therefore, parents should limit the amount of time that their children spend watching TV.

One of the first reasons why parents should limit the amount of that their children spend watching TV is that children read less and watch TV more. The typical child is sitting in front the television, and he has only eyes for the video screen. The bright colors, and the rapid movements showed on TV capture the child's attention. According to Moody this event happen for about four hours a day. As a result, the child spends more time watching television than read books, or attending school. For example, my nephew, Jose, prefers watch television than read. Also, every day he has many discussion with his mother because he wasn't finish his homework, and read books. According to Kael, children who spend more time in front the television read less. One way that pediatric advice to prevent TV addiction and increment reading abilities is that some parents should help their children ear TV or video game by equivalent reading time.

Another reason why parents should limit the amount of time that children spend watching TV is the problem of violence. According to