Teleworking: Small Office / Home Office and Tran Hoang mai Essay

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Tran Hoang Mai
Professor: Dr.Nhon
Listening and note taking

As usual, when we talk about working, we have to physically be at the office or school. However, with the improvements of technology like Internet, which allow us to stay at home but still be able to work and to contact to people. However, this new working style may not suit people who prefer to go to office to work. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the issue of teleworking
Some people argue that teleworking is benefit for both employers and employees. First, it can reduce operational cost when theirs employees work at their home. Meanwhile, when working at home, employees are free in casual clothes and home environment which increases their level of productivity. Second, office environment sometimes affects to the effectiveness of working. For example, many noisy chatting and conservations in offices can distract employees from working. However, working at home can give them a quiet corner to help them focusing on their work. Third, people are living on the 21st century- Internet age, improvements of technology allow us to contact everyone in everywhere when we want. When working at home, people are still holding meetings with their boss through communicate tools such as Skype, yahoo or Facebook. Their boss can keep their eyes on the progress of working easily without face to face meeting. Moreover, teleworking create favorable conditions for employees who have to move house or to go somewhere away from your office.
Although teleworking have many obvious advantages, we can neglect some disadvantages we have to meet when applying working style. First, you have to keep yourselves under strict discipline to meet deadlines because there