Tell-Tale Heart Argumentative Essay

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Introduction: Blood, gore, monsters, and thrills are just a few things you can find in the “Horror” genre of literature. There are many well-known stories coming from this genre, but the “Tell-Tale Heart” takes the cake. One of the only problems the novel faces is an accusation is it is not appropriate for middle schoolers. The Tell-Tale Heart is appropriate for middle schoolers because Modern day entertainment is much more violent, middle schoolers are mature enough to read the Horror genre, and presses students to use their imagination and learn new skills throughout the story.

Body Paragraph 1: To begin with, middle schoolers are mature enough to read the Horror genre.

Body Paragraph 2: In addition, 'The Tell-Tale Heart' challenges seventh and eighth graders to understand the story of a mentally ill man. The story challenges readers to translate old English into modern speech. By having to translate olden speech to modern English, it enhances the reader’s vocabulary. By deeming ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ as inappropriate for seventh and eighth graders, it takes away the student’s opportunities to increase their
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The Tell-Tale Heart is a short horror story about a deranged man who unremorsefully kills an old man for having an evil looking eye. Some people may argue that ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ contains very vivid and bloody events within the story. However, the few bloody events in the story do not compare to the amount of gore in modern day entertainment. In many video games, movies, and television shows, tens of dozens of people and characters die and are instantly forgotten about. This story is the most appropriate out of any media a middle schooler can access, because, the kill count is not a three digit number, it is not as graphically described, and the way the student perceives the story can change how gory the story