Tell Us The Most Important Things About You And Your Life

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Essay 1:
Tell us the most important things about you and your life. You may include significant events, personal strengths and weaknesses, etc. The thing that I have come to understand is the most important thing in my life is my integrity. It speaks for me and often brings me before audiences that I would never normally have access to. Another important thing about me are my personal strengths and weaknesses. My personal strengths can sometimes be my weakness. I am very compassionate and open minded. I constantly give people chances and I am accepting of people who are constantly judged and many times befriend them in hopes to show them the love of God in an unobtrusive way. I have witnessed time and time again that it has won people over to Christ. The most important things about my life are God and my family. I remember when
I first got saved I was 3. I watched how in love my parents and big sister were with
God. I watched how they worshipped and I wanted what they had. So, one day during our family prayer time when we were worshipping together with one of our
Psalty videos, I asked my mom if Jesus’ could live in my heart. Normally they say you don't remember anything before age 5, but being baptized is another memory
I'll always remember. We were at the YMCA and the Head Elder, along with my parents who are both ordained Elders baptized my brother, sister and I. Ever since that day church has always been and will always be very important to me. The second most important thing in my life is Family. When I was little I was taught that friends are very nice to have but all you need is family. I'm HUGE family person, and when I say family i don't just mean blood­related, biological people. I mean my spiritual family in Christ. Family is very important to me because without them you don't have the love, accountability and support you need in your life. Essay 2:
Describe your personal salvation experience and how this is lived out in your daily life. I was saved at very early age. Because my family is so intricately involved in church leadership, living out my salvation is an extreme part of my everyday life.
My relationship with Christ is the barometer for everything I do. It determines the friends that I choose, the choices that I make, and the way I approach my future.

I've not always made the right decisions about everything, but I've always been able to lean on my relationship with God as my Father, Protector, my Friend, and my Redeemer.

Essay 3:
Please outline your church and ministry involvement/activities, past and present. (Work/Volunteer Experience @ DWO)
● 2007­2011 Back to School Event (Community/City­Wide Evening Service
DWO hosted involving dozens of ministries that celebrated with us­
Responsible for organizing, typing, printing, filing, prize giveaways, registration, various setups, decorating, teardown, calls to other ministries, etc.) ● 2008­2012 VBS (Assist as a Youth Leader, lead kids in all breakout sessions, facilitate games, clean, setup, teardown, serve lunches, create skits, welcome kids/parents)
● 2007­2011 V3I­Jr./Sr. High 6­8wk. Summer Internship (Prep work, organization of supplies, calls to youth and parents, copying, typing, prep for lunches, cleanup, setup, teardown daily)
● 2008­2011 Jr/Sr. High Lock In (setup, tear down, copying, typing, organizing, calls to youth/parents, host/welcoming visitors)
● 2009­2011 Jr./Sr. High Winter Summit (setup, tear down, copying, typing, organizing) ● 2007­2013 Women's Summit­Lg. Community Outreach (setup, tear down, copying, runner for leads/guests, assembly of giveaways, guest bags/lanyards, prize patrol­hid prizes, wrapped prizes, distributed prizes)
● 2011 EMTI (Executive Mommy Training Institute) Classes­(Provided
Childcare and set up once a month for 12 months)
● Stewardship­Off and on as needed over past 2 years. (Counted Offering, type and enter data