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Theory of Creations-Not Inventions
(Telling the Story Wrong)

Creation or invention, is there a difference between the two words with a seemingly same meaning? Fire, metal, glass, and fabric are all examples of true invention. They all came from a naturally harnessed environmental resource and are single representatives of their self, but can the same be said about other things? A car, books, or even the Internet are all arguably just creations. Instead of simply representing their-selves, they are all here because of inventions; inventions that allowed them to be created. They send a message to the world that most fail to interpret, because most people only look at the surface level of what things are and where they came from. Reasons for this stem from many places such as flawed education systems, the desire for human glorification, and the naïve nature of humanity itself. These reasons have embedded a corrupted mindset upon the world that will not be easily changed. They have caused people to not analyze and see that creations exist due to the inventions of all their components, and see that anything created from previous inventions can not stand-alone. Further explanation of this theory is in the breakdown of how the story has been told wrong in the context of creations and inventions. For instance rubber, one of many natural resources that throughout time has been molded by humanity into inventions. Rubber an invention made from trees, metal needing no inventor coming directly from the environment, leather invented from the curing of animal hides, and fabric was derived from plants and other natural resources. All of these inventions were stepping stones towards many creations. One of the biggest examples would be an automobile. The rubber tires, the metal exterior of the car, and the fabric or leather interior were all combined to become one of the greatest creations in history. The answer to the question on the difference between why the car is a creation and not an invention, is that a car is the combination of previous inventions put together. There is thought and hard work put into it being made, but it is not a new element or natural resource in itself. People look at a car and see just that, they do not look past the surface and see the history that it carries with it. When people get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they don’t appreciate that it was made possible by the inventions of many different things. They do not see that a car was given a single name, but that name has much more meaning and history to it that just existing on its own. In the rhetorical world this has created a problem a problem that can only be explained in the terms of people telling the story wrong. When one defines a car they do not attribute the creation too all the inventors before the individual who created it, and in this hides the problem in the system. We accredit one individual (or group) with the title of inventor of something new. When in reality they invented nothing. They simply combined previous invention and then they are allowed to call it their own. Another creation made from the combination of many invention, would be books. This creation has allowed us a better way to document our history, provide entertainment, and pass down knowledge to new generations. People also overlook all of this when they sit down to read a book. They see the words on the pages and are only looking to comprehend what is written within them. Humanity does not analyze what the book represents. Paper like rubber, came from trees, lead a natural element, and leather or cardboard binding of the book are all the real inventions here. These things were separate until someone took the time to see that they could be combined into another very important creation. A creation that has allowed the advancement of our society, and has contributed to people being able to learn about those before them in a much more formal way. Rather than