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Template for BSS007-3 3rd Phase Research Brief (25%)
(Please use this template to construct you research brief)

1. Topics Selected

e.g. You have been approached by a windfarm company to determine the environmental issues for a proposed new windfarm site. What do you propose?

2. Phase 2 topic

e.g. Can Government green energy strategies provide a reliable basis for commercial wind farm initiatives?

3. Introduction and Background of Research

Background of the research, why doing this research is important, what is significance of doing this research

4. Research Questions

Research questions this project will address. The research brief should be an extension from the individual advances report. Students are expected to identify issues where further research activities are needed to address the topics in advances further through primary research.

Students are expected to rephrase the selected topic into doable, actionable research questions, which narrow down the topic and focus the research project. The identification of the research questions should be based on a short review of relevant literatures.

5. Aims and Objectives

Ideally the aims/objectives should be researchable, realistic, and achievable.

6. Proposed Research Methods

Research design of the primary research; Choose and justify the research method(s) which are appropriate to address the research questions; Type of data to be collected; how will the data be collected; how…