Tennis Court Descriptive Writing

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As I walked along the long asphalt pathway surrounded by enormous trees I could feel my heart pound with excitement and anticipation. I looked to the break in the trees, the tennis courts, illuminated by the sun like the light at the end of the tunnel. Today was the long anticipated day. As I emerged from the darkness into the light, the corners of my eyes crinkled in delight and a smile broke out onto my face. I strayed from the path through the large chain link fence surrounding tennis courts. Two long white nets spanned the length of the courts, separating boys and girls, and small rectangular signs attached fifteen feet up on the fence indicated age group.
The budding nature and the fluffy, sporadic clouds above had become my solace in the early hours before my day began. I sat down on the hard, rough, concrete ground next to my Co-counselors greeting them and the familiar faces that occasionally passed by. The rest of the staff slowly arrived and the desolate tennis courts became lively. The reverberations, the loud thrumming from the speakers and their familiar songs reached my ears as the cool summer breeze I'd become accustomed to, brushed gently across my cheeks.
Behind me, there was the shiny
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Finally, the sea of people parted revealing a little girl with a rainbow romper. On her back she limply carried her backpack, filled with everything needed to get through the day. Her eyes locked with mine as the sudden realization dawned on her and her face transformed into a look of total excitement and astonishment. As if it happened in slow motion she carelessly let the backpack drop off her shoulder onto the ground with a soft thud. As fast as she could with her short legs, she ran towards me with total exuberance. With the force of a small earthquake, she embraced me, refusing to let go. With a soft sigh, she exclaimed with disbelief, “Christina you’re