Tenure and Teachers Essay

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Tenure and Teachers
Topic: Teachers and Tenure
General Purpose: to persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade audience that tenure is unnecessary, and a policy that should be terminated.
Thesis: Tenure is encouraging teachers to be lazy and perform poorly, it needs to be abolished.
Attention-Getter: I am here talking to you today as a fellow student. How many of you have had a teacher who you though was just a bad or lazy teacher? I like many of you have also had bad teachers throughout all of my years of school. I remember in high school I had a teacher who was more concerned with her makeup and online shopping than teaching me Spanish. I had always wondered why are these teacher are never fired. The reason being is a Policy called Tenure which protects teachers from being fired for a multitude of reasons and is greatly abused.
Credibility statement: It is a problem that happens in every school across America and it is a system that is abused and needs to be dealt with so students like you and I can have a better education.
Audience Adaptation: As a student we should be looking for answers to solve this problem and can help the younger generations get the best education possible.
Preview Statement: Today I will be informing you on the Teacher Tenure policy, what its original purposes were made for, a new policy that I would like to introduce in place of tenure, and how it will increase the educational experience for students.

(Transition: First off I would like to address the problem directly.)

I. The problem is that bad teachers are allowed to keep their job under the protection of tenure. A. This is a nationwide problem that happens in just about every school. B. This affects every student who is trying to receive an education.
1. According to the Albany Times Union only 32 out of 132,000 teachers were fired between the years 2006-2011for poor performance.
2. In a Chicago school district only 28.5% of students in the 11th grade was able to meet the state standard of testing. Yet only 0.1% of teachers were dismissed between 2005-2008 according to Newsweek.
(Transition: I have come up with a solution that will solve these problems, and still be able to protect teachers for tenures intended purposes.)
II. This new policy will affectively protect teachers, and create a new standard of teaching that every grade will have to meet.
A. The first part is to scrap the whole tenure policy all together and start from scratch. B. Next would to put in place a new policy and it would include the following: 1. Protect teachers from being fired for these reasons i. Personal beliefs of the individual teacher. ii. Personality conflicts with administers or board members. iii. Political beliefs, or personal opinions that people may disagree with.
2. Only protect teachers from previously stated reasons, no protection from poor teaching.
3. Create a performance review system every 2 years so teachers are constantly monitored. Would include the following: i. Certain % of class would need to pass the state testing exam. ii. Have administrators or an assigned person sit in on the class and review for an extended amount of time such as 2 weeks. iii. Counselors meet with struggling students and individually ask why they think they are struggling and what they think can be done to help them.
C. After this is all in place a way to administer, enforce, and discipline is needed and can be done as such. 1. It is the job of the state to enforce this policy onto school districts.
2. School districts will then administer this policy to each individual school and assign people to begin the work and as stated earlier.
3. Teachers who fail to qualify are put on suspension and have the option to go to state regulated seminar where they have the opportunity to become better teachers before returning.
4. Those who have not meet the requirements a second time will be permanently terminated.