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Terence Rivera
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February 18, 2012



What exactly makes a man and woman beautiful or attractive in today's modern society? In the United States, a woman is beautiful or attractive when she possesses certain bodily features. Some of these features include being five and half feet tall, having a “Coca-Cola bottle” figure, and owning a face that is appealing to look at. On the other hand, a man is considered beautiful or attractive if he owns a certain set of bodily features as well. These features can include a sport-like type of body, a strong masculine figure, and having the height of about six feet tall. Many of these stereotypical assumptions of beauty are portrayed in the media industry. Media such as the television emphasizes that in order to become a beautiful or attractive male or female, you must possess these features.

Paragraph 1

A female is considered beautiful if she owns an appealing face to look at, a body figure shaped like a “Coca-Cola bottle”, and stands at about five and a half feet tall. Besides some of these features, a beautiful woman also owns a larger range of bodily features. A beautiful woman should have long, healthy hair. However, hair color does not play a huge role as long as the color doesn't go overboard. A woman should also have two evenly shaped almond eyes, a small, pointy sized nose, and a full set of straight white teeth. In addition, the woman's body should be toned like a Coca-Cola bottle and own a decent sized pair of breasts, preferably size “C”. Lastly, the woman should always be well-groomed, well-dressed, and always have a nice fragrance to smell. Many women celebrities in today's society that live up to these features are Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria. To sum up, a beautiful woman in modern America are those who naturally own these features and continue to work on trying to keep these features beautiful.

Paragraph 2

An attractive man nowadays typically has a strong masculine figure, stands at about six feet tall, and has the sports-like type of body. An attractive looking man should have all the hair on his head and preferably have it dark-colored and not lengthy. Next, the man must have a clean looking face, two evenly set of eyes, a medium shaped nose, and a strong jawline and chin. Furthermore, the man's body should be toned and muscular, but not to the point where he is too muscular like a professional body builder. Authors Harrison Pope, Katherine Phillips and Roberto Olivardia all three who study psychology from schools and hospitals from Harvard, Brown, and Mclean Hospital in Massachusetts, asks, “what can a modern boy or man do to distinguish himself as being 'masculine'?” (Pope, Phillips, Olvardia 68). This question is answered by how many men in today's society will continue to overwork their bodies just to gain the extra muscle to make them look “masculine”. To add on to this, the man lastly, must be able to keep himself well-groomed and well-dressed at all times. Many examples of these type of men are Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Channing Tatum. In conclusion, an attractive man is the person who not only has a strong masculine figure, but also owns the unique attractive look.

Paragraph 3

In today's modern society, the use of the television by the media industry is used to show the ideal of what a beautiful woman should look like. The hundreds of commercials being shown to us, and most specifically women, try to persuade women to buy this or wear this to look like one of these beautiful women being advertised. For example, the Victoria Secret models advertising different types of lingerie clothing like bras or panties try to broaden the perception of women on how to look beautiful. A woman can easily feel that just buying a certain bra or pantie will make them look just like one of the many beautiful Victoria Secret Models, but in reality doing this shows no significant