Teresa Learns To Let Go Short Story

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Teresa learns to let go (short story)

Teresa always knew she had issues of getting close to people since she was 13, mostly guys and it wasn’t until she was about 20 years old to figure out why.

Back when she was a little girl, she was in a circle of friends that did everything together. They always hung out when at school, and outsiders were never welcomed into their circle of friends. However, some in the group were closer than others and that was Teresa and Tommy. Teresa and Tommy grew up in a small town called Maryville located in Tennessee, just a 10 minute walk away from each other’s houses, their older siblings were best friends, and even their fathers were friends with one another. At school , the teachers noticed their friendship and always knew that when one was around, the other was not far behind. They were virtually inseparable.

In junior high, because of the city boundaries the small group was
Split up, however, Teresa and Tommy went to the same junior high along with two other members of their small group, Carlos and mike. One random day at 1:00pm to be exact, while walking to their next class Tommy says to Teresa “my family is moving this is my last day”. she just looked at Tommy and replies with “you are?” those were her only words. She felt as someone had jus stabbed her in the chest, her eyes felt as if they where ready to pour out tears but she kept it in and at the end of the day when Tommy got off the bus at his stop, that was the last time she saw him.

Teresa spent the rest of her high school year alone, later on she started hanging out with new people, but as soon as she felt the relationships was getting too close, she would stop talking to people all together. She never dated in high school either. She had this undisclosed hate for guys, she knew it was there, but she didn’t know why. She spent the years on and off looking for Tommy, his name was so common it was hard. She did come across an address that she thought was his, wrote him, however, she never heard anything back from him.

About a year or so after high school on a random summer day, Tommy’s father contacted her father and wanted to know if they could visit. On his visit, Teresa asked how he was doing? “ life couldn’t be better Tommy replied” and he asked, what have you been