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Week 3: Risk Mitigation Plans
Victor Sabani
ITT Technical Institute

Week 3: Risk Mitigation Plans
1. It is important to prioritize the IT infrastructure into risks, threats, and vulnerabilities because; knowing what can go wrong and what caused it can better prepare the staff on incidents.
2. If the risk mitigation plan is constructed well, then it will identify the cost of doing business that is affected by an event. By having the money that could be lost by an event, helps the company decide what is more important.
3. Before finalizing a risk mitigation plan the questions I would ask management would be, which compliance is needed. Also who will have physical access to certain things, as well as what policies should be enforced.
4. The difference between short and long term tasks is short term risks can be fixed immediately, long term ones usually end with a fine, and on-going duties are the company’s day to day tasks.
5. Out of the seven domains that would be easy to implement risk mitigation solutions to but hard to monitor would have to be the remote access domain.
6. When implementing patches or software updates it is best to test them first because, they might be infected with s virus or might take down the network.
7. Risk mitigation policies are needed to be a part of your long-term plan because, without a concise action of what or whom to contact for an occurrence no one person can be held accountable.
8. If a compliance law is not in compliance it is