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Aid has established itself as the top of the market brand in small kitchen appliances. Anchored by the iconic stand mixers KA has been a part of the cooking experience for generations.

And many people from time to time find themselves with the need to retire their mixers. By offering a strategic End of life program Aid has the opportunity to create value for their customers channel partners and charitable organizations.

Because of the way its made KA stand mixer's greatest values lies in a second life not a landfill. We recommend – The Phoenix.

Using remanufacturing process that uses post consumer components from the returned products, remanufacture a new line of eco friendly mixers.

The phoenix is the outcome of 3 pillars Receive , Remake , Retail

Receive : is a collection strategy that
Educates customers about importance of second life
Meets their unmet need of appliance disposal
Incentivizes customers to participate

Remake : this is the– evaluates through an inspection process if the mixer is salvage or not – if not – its recycled for scrap otherwise its remanufactured.

Resell :
Selling the remanufactured – good as new mixers
And donating a part of the proceeds from the resale to Humanity.

Overall what we see here is that being one of the only ones pursuing full blown second life strategy. Remanufacturing is not only a cost saving device but also a strategic method for enhancing KA’s competitive advantage. This kind of forward thinking will give a