Asperger's Syndrome: Limits His Perspective On Life

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Christopher’s Asperger’s Syndrome limits his perspective on life. Christopher’s ‘unusual’ behaviour limits his understanding towards himself. I think this because for one his behaviour can lead him into bad problems/situations. The habits he has makes what he does or what he runs into much more of a hassle. Not to mention he doesn’t have feelings and he can’t tell how people feel so it makes it hard to completely understand him and other people. My first reason is that his behaviour tends to lead him into bad situations. Christopher bases his life on routines and basically he has to have it a certain way; his way. For example, in the book on page 182 it says,” And then I heard the roaring and I lifted Toby up and grabbed him with both hands and he bit me on my thumb and there was blood coming out and I shouted and Toby tried to jump out of my hands. And then the roaring got louder and I turned around and I saw the train coming out of the tunnel…” This quote shows that because of his behaviour he put his pet before himself which puts him in a very dangerous situation. My second reason is how the habits that Christopher has make what he is doing or what he’s getting himself into much more of a hassle. The fact that he doesn’t like certain things, like being touched can be a troubling cause. For instance, on page 182 it explains,” And then the main with the diamond patterns on his socks grabbed hold of me and pulled me and I screamed, but he kept pulling me and he pulled me up onto the concrete and we fell over and I carried on screaming because he had hurt my shoulder. And then the train came into the station.” Seeing that, because Christopher does not like being touched it made it more of a risk and also a dangerous encounter. He could have been killed because of his habit. As a final reason, Christopher can’t tell people’s reactions or can’t understand how they feel. Christopher also doesn’t have or show much emotion. This can cause problems with his family or with people he comes across because it makes it difficult to know how he feels towards something. It can also

affect somebody he’s with