Term: Marketing and Raymond a. Schroth Essay

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Advertising is Harmful to Consumers In the article from “Manic Capitalist System Fuelled by Advertising.” It shows how advertising affects people in a number of ways. The subliminal way that ads are presented triggers something in the brain making the product or service appear to be irresistible. Raymond A. Schroth has a critical viewpoint on this article towards the values of promoting ads of materialism and consumption. Schroth believes its goals are to “goad people into buying products that they do not need, which ultimately leaves consumers unhappy and unfulfilled.” When watching TV there’s many commercials that go on more than the show being given. Even when you skip to the next channel, there’s more commercials as well. Whether it’s a food commercial, insurance commercial, or a car commercial, the way the commercial is presented makes it irresistible and makes you want go out and buy these products. In the article it describes an Infinity car commercial on how a man loved his car so much he passed away in it, and the widow is now mourning not for him but for the car. Many wouldn’t find this offensive or would see this as a funny commercial but it honestly doesn’t make our value system look good. It makes it seem as if we rather morn over a vehicle or any product more than we would be in grief of our lost loved ones. It convinces the weak minded to go ahead and buy these cars and treat them like gold. A reason for advertising is simply informing people of the existence of products they might be interested in buying. No one will buy something that they don't know exists. When more people know about a product, more of it will be sold. No ad will list both the pros and cons of a product. It is also not sources of complete information, the amount of actual information in ads are usually very minimal. Not to mention the small print they usually leave off in the end of certain products. With reading this article it shows the manipulation they push towards the consumers into buying unnecessary products that will only fulfill their joy just for the moment being.