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Matter anything that occupies space and has mass; made up of particles
Solid v- definite; s-definite; a- close together; vibrating in place
Liquid v-definite; s-indefinite; a- close together; moving freely
Gas v- indefinite; s- indefinite; a- far apart; motion is random (chaos)
Condensation cool or compress (gas to liquid)
Freezing cool (liquid to solid)
Melting heat (solid to liquid)
Vaporization heat or reduce pressure (liquid to gas)
Sublimation (solid to gas) dry ice
Deposition (gas to solid) frost
Properties of matter characteristics by which a substance is recognized either by itself or by reaction with other substances

Physical properties characteristics that can be determined without the production of a new substance
Crystalline structure how atoms and molecules are arranged in solid state
Ductile thin wire
Malleable thin sheets
Conductivity heat of electricity
Refractive index bending light
Magnetism how it attracts to magnet
Phase change
Solubility easily to dissolve
Luster reflect to light

Chemical properties characteristics that describe how a substance interacts or fails to interact with other substances to produce new substances
Physical change change in which the physical appearance or phase of matter without changing the fundamental structure or chemical make-up

Chemical change change resulting in a new substance with different properties

Chemical composition
Keep properties
Phase change (8)
Altering the INTERmolecular forces

Composition is altered
Properties are altered
Energy is either released or absorbed
Altering the ITNRAmolecular forces

Mixture two or more substances combined by physical means, so that they each keep their properties and they can be combined in proportions
Heterogeneous not the same throughout, uneven distribution (granite, salsa, chocolate chip cookies)
Homogeneous a mixture of a solid in a liquid in which the solid can still be seen and will settle out in time (dirt in water, raw milk, Italian dressing)
Solute thing being dissolved (salt)
Solvent dissolving medium (water)

Allays homogeneous mixture of two or more metals
Pure substance material with a definite composition and properties
Elements substances made up of only one type of atom. They cannot be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical means
Atom smallest part of an element with all the properties of the element
Diatomic elements elements that exist in their free state as molecules with two atoms of the same type bonded together. The seven most common diatomic elements are: N2, O2, H2, F2, Cl2, Br2, I2. THEY PROVIDE STABILITY!
Compound two or more different elements chemically combined with properties that differ from those of the elements that make them up
Molecule the smallest part of a compound with all the properties of the compound; representative particles of covalent compounds
Chemical formula a combination of symbols showing what elements are present and in what proportions (represented in compound)

Homo or hetero
Variable proportion
Components keep their proportion
Associated or separated by physical means

Pure substance
Definite proportion
Different properties than components
Associated or separated by chemical means

Compounds separated broken down into their elements- by chemical means
Electrolysis passes an electric current through…