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Business Plan for Unique Expression

Ricardo Stephens
Unique Expression 1370 Windsor, California Ave. N9B 3A1
stephenr @uwindsor.com
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Executive Summary
It is apparent that those who serve in the industry of art have a difficult time getting to that metaphorical arena where their art may be admired by millions of people, who will in due course be spending money on the services of the artist. We have analyzed a few reasons why there are so many hidden talents across the globe, and right here in our own backyards is the very competitive nature of the industry, and the neglect of a suitable show board for those who are truly talented and wish to share it with the world, until now; until Unique Expression. My plan is to develop a business/social network for artist, managers, and the clients interested in their services. This innovative web site will act, and function as a digital manager. As an electronic source we have unlimited range of development and the capabilities are boundless. This idea will reach and appeal to people from all ends of the province and all ends of the world. On this site the term “Art” will not be generalized to any specific form of expression; instead, it will represent them all. All artistic expression will have a home on this site, visual artists, culinary artists, musicians, dancers, actors; they will all have a place on this site.
The objective is to find the diamonds in the rough and give them the opportunity to shine. The web site will uphold a high standard of talent to insure a credible name. To do this there will be a filtering process. Artist must pay $49.95 to register for the site; this will help profitability as well as weed out those who do not wish to invest in their career. Artists who are register to the site will receive the benefit of daily promotions, updates in the industry, discounted products specific to reach industry of artist, and connection with those in the industry.
Unique Expression will acknowledge all forms and source of art. A unique function of the site is the ability of empower each artist. The web site enable artist to be their own boss, and to be their own manager. Artists have the option, and the right to deny or accept work. Clients can post their needs directly to the artist, or a general inquiry to the specific field of artist. The site aspires to provide artist with a better opportunity for success. We will accomplish this by providing resources that will cater to the needs of the artist, and facilitate matters a manager would traditionally take care of.
Through the registration process artist will choose the field of art they are interested in and next they will upload a photo of them self or themselves if it pertains to a group. The site will provide registered users with applications which enable them to keep track of their profit, money spent, and recite from their previous work. The site will have an application for artist to store contracts and other important documents, as-well as an individual message box for day to day usage. The site will also provide contact information of managers, agents, and teachers instructors. This web site is for the young and old, the experienced and inexperienced. It is an open market for business connections, and a privet social network for artist of any stature in any category of art. The web site will also cater to the general public; the public may use our site to purchase art supplies from the web site. Audience will be permitted to surf through the site to view performances, art work, and listen to music.
One of the primary functions of the site is marketing and networking between artists. It is a way of minimizing the gap between clients and artist, as