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Zachary Coulter
The Big One Some of the most impressive writers of all time have never failed to impress; but all things considered some of the themes included in their books couldn’t be more apparent these days. “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald included the grieving over female companions, corruption even the difference and treatment of people due to their social statue that could be linked to the greed in the human mind or the symbolism most people associate with money (which is happiness). If you were to look around the world today you may see the neglecting of certain people or races due to their social status, if you browse the internet or even read the newspaper you may come across specific cases of racism that may be also linked to the races reputation or social status. The latest cases in the news are normally racism that happens in the “ghetto” for example the Ferguson trail which involved an 18 year old by the name of Michel Brown. August ninth “Michael Brown and a companion, both black, are confronted by an officer as they walk back to Brown's home from a convenience store. Brown and the officer, who is white, are involved in a scuffle, followed by gunshots. Brown dies at the scene, and his body remains in the street for four hours in the summer heat. Neighbors later lash out at authorities, saying they mistreated the body.” This could be looked at in two different ways, you could see this as an act of racial discrimination due to the fact that the young man had a scuffle with the police officer and the officer may have assumed the young man had a weapon and decided to shoot him. Also the young man’s deceased body lay in the street for hours before being brought to a morgue/hospital. These cases can be seen today in many ways around the United States, “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain has elements of racism and educational demoralization as Huck struggles with these issues throughout the book. This is a key portion of the book, Huck struggles with the educational situations, he is not able to make rational decisions because he “learns” from experiences and actions he considers himself an outcast from society because of the way he has been abused and mistreated he chooses to spend his days drifting the rivers and ignoring the developing society around him this way he is able to ignore the rules and expectations society gives him. Once he meets an African American man by the name of Jim he begins to question his education and morals he already had. The novel ends with a completely transformed Huck, Jim teaches him to read he is able to distinguish right from wrong good from bad etc. This is related to our society in many ways the main reason is education the federal budget on education is over $80.9 billion dollars the U.S currently has the highest budget out of eleven other leading countries in education; does this really make a difference? Our average national math score (out of six hundred) was four seventy four, national science score (out of six hundred) was four eighty nine. Compare these scores to other numerous countries these place in the lower portion of the survey. This jeopardizes the United States reputation as being an important leader of world peace, education and economic strength, without intelligent educated men…