A Brief Note On Investment Portfolio

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Daniel Chai

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20th May 2013

Re: Investment Portfolio in Australia

Dear Sirs,

Upon to your request, we have assembled an optimal portfolio comprising of 5 Australian stocks--Brambles, AGL Energy, Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp Group and Rio Tinto. We are pleased and confident to present you with our final report as your assistance in a diversified of Australian stock.
The following list is the further discussion in the attached report:

1. A detail scope of work, approaches and methodologies

2. Macro-economic analysis – Global economic and Australia economic overview

3. Industry analysis

4. Companies expected performance and position

5. Portfolio analysis and optimization

6. Report recommendations and conclusion

It has been a pleasure for TalentWork to undertake this challenging duty. We hope that our estimations, outcomes and recommendations will help you to ensure that the current Australia economic condition and will assist you to succeed in the investment. Please do not be hesitating to contact us for further information or clarification regarding this report.

Kind Regards,

Mai, Hong Liu & Wai Yee

Portfolio Report

Group Assessment 1


Cheong Wai Yee 24265497 Hong Liu Mai

SUBMITTED ON: 20th May 2013

Word Count: 3000

(excluding transmittal letter, cover sheet, table of contents, graphs, headings, tables in the body of the report and references).

Table of Contents



The objective of this report is to present an adequately detailed proposal of a diversified Australian equity portfolio to the potential domestic and international investors who are interested in the current and prospect Australia stock market. The report will correspondingly to a further discussion concerning to the broad economic environment, the state of the aggregate economy and the international economy, industry analysis as well as a specific company performance

Portfolio Structures

The report will highlight the key research of Australia stocks, global and domestic economic condition by using the top-down approach on the macro and industry analysis section. The portfolio report is accomplished by using the monthly historical data of diversified Australian stocks which comprises of the portfolios expected return, standard deviation, variance, correlation, covariance and others ratios such as sharpe ratio and asset ratio. Besides, the report will be illustrated the efficient frontiers and capital market lines of two optimal portfolios.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, we recommended that Suncorp Group Limited is the most ideal equity portfolio to the investors who have intended to invest in Australia as the extensive research showed that it would potentially be appropriate and a great opportunity for investors to be succeeded in the equity portfolio investment.


In the aspects of investing in a potential speculation inside the Australia, the investors should not solely rely on the discussions and findings of this report as a long-term strategy plan as the fact that the analysis conducted in this report has limitations. There are some limitations as below:
There is limited information and disclosures that is publicly available.
The anticipating statistics are not provided nature
There is insufficient information regarding the economic condition data as the detailed are based on past performance but not present performance. Hence the estimated values can be slightly better or