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Avante Kendrick
April 16, 2014
PSYC 101 Dr. Harrell
Learned Psychological Practice All of the concepts discussed in psychology class this semester could be applied in my life some way or another. One concept that stuck out to me this semester was Sleep Disorders, specifically Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when an individual has trouble, and actually stops breathing during sleep. This inability to breath during sleep is most commonly preceded by loud snoring. This relates to my life because not too long ago my grandmother complained to me about my grandfather’s snoring and how loud it was. She told me that it was so loud, she couldn’t even sleep. I could hear it from my own room one night I went home. His snoring got so loud that she forced him to go sleep in the basement in fear of never being able to get to sleep again at night. She said that the possibility of them both sleeping at the same time was very unlikely. This problem has been occurring for a long time and I still have not given my diagnosis on the situation. It may not be sleep apnea but he is exempting some of the symptoms, most notably loud snoring and loss of airway passage during sleep. With this information I could help both of my grandparents. I could help diagnose my grandfather with a sleeping disorder that he does not know he has and I could also help my grandmother get back to sleep at night with my grandfather in the room. Another topic that I found relatable was the section on pro social behavior, but more specifically helping and ignoring people. Pro social behavior is something that one person does, on his or her own will, to benefit another person. An example could be a person helping his or her grandmother with her groceries because she is too frail to carry them all herself. One would not have to carry the groceries, she did not ask you to carry the groceries, but you did it because you wanted to. For one assignment in this section, we made charts to keep track of who we helped and who we ignored throughout the day. This assignment helped me to see who I was helping too much, and who I was ignoring the most. I found that I helped my friends more than I helped my family, probably because I am at school more than I am at home. I also found that the likelihood of me helping a person I don’t know with something is far less than that of a person I do know. I would be far less likely to help a person with strenuous tasks that I sometimes help my friends with because they are my friends. This section helped me balance time for various activities and it also showed me that I help people too much, and it is very easy for my friends to get me to help them although I sometimes don’t do things that I need to do for myself such as homework assignments, quizzes, etc. I have not applied what I learned to my life yet, but if I did I would get better grades, I would be a lot more focused and a lot better off than I currently am. In applying this concept, I could have