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1. There are a lot of good books and or short stories to read on the first day of school that can set the stage for a positive learning environment and set expectations for behavior. A good one for elementary school is:
The Rainbow Fish, Markus Pfister - its theme is sharing
You can then create an activity where you set the classroom rules with the children (whole group activity promotes ownership and creates a safe and secure classroom climate). 2. I like the idea of giving your students a welcome back 'gift bag'. You can put items inside that are appropriate for every grade level and any age. This can also be as simple as putting in an eraser for each student (meaning its okay to make mistakes) and a few other items into a plastic baggie or you can make it more elaborate. Include a welcome back notecard inside the bag explaining each item. This bag can address the social and emotional needs of your students and set the stage for a positive learning environment. When you go over the items with the class and ask them to give examples it creates opportunities for success and helps the students take ownership. The students can keep the bag in their desks as a reminder and you can refer to it throughout the year.
One example for elementary aged students would be:
-An eraser - it's okay to make mistakes (safe and secure classroom climate, positive learning environment)
-A Lifesaver - I am here for you when you need help, you can come to me to talk (safe and secure classroom climate) -A cotton ball - this room is full of warm feelings and kind words (safe and secure classroom climate, positive learning environment)
-Googly eyes - keep "an eye out" for each other (safe and secure classroom climate, empathy)
-A button - to remind you to "button your lip" and don't tattletale (student ownership)
-A star - always shines and tries to do your best (student ownership)
-A clothespin - "hang in there"; we are all here to help each other (positive learning environment, empathy)
-A chocolate kiss - to comfort you when you are sad/for a special treat (positive learning environment, empathy)
-A Band-Aid - to heal hurt feelings (safe and secure classroom climate, empathy)
-A happy face sticker - keeps smiling, wear a smile every day (positive learning environment)
-A tissue - dry the tears of each other (safe and secure climate, positive learning environment, and…