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Tech Tuesday Notes

Tracy Smith

Focus has been upgraded from 5.2 to 5.3

The Rollover is complete. Schools can begin their schedules

Curtis Frazier

Summer Plans * Equipment repairs * Upgrades/Update Process * We maxed out our Internet capacity. We’re working with Verizon to work out more capacity * Working on creating individual logins for teacher and students * Waiting to see if the state will release funds to purchase computers * Computrace -

Steve Zalot Apple worldwide developers conference June 10-14, San Francisco

Tricks and Tips

Right Click – Two finger tap on track pad.
* Does have the ability to go to full screen view * Search bar is not there any more. You type your search in the address bar. * When you see Reader pop up in blue it means that the web page that you are looking at has some kind of auxiliary text. When you click on the Reader button it will dim down on all of the other stuff and give you clean text to look at. The text is scrollable, you can copy and paste and do all the other things that you do with the web page test. Additional bonus is the floating toolbar. * Can invoke speech control (text-to-speech). This is built into Mac OSX and IOS
Speech – Command S
Open up Secondary Tab – Command T Dictation and Speech (when you turn on dictation your machined needs to have internet access.)
Safari is using some of this technology that is available in other