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My soul has departed and no longer is in my possession. It’s almost as if you feel lost and stranded in a hurricane. You’re all alone and there is no way to ever change that. The only out is your thoughts. And yet mine are even farther away than the land 6,000 miles away. This island isn’t surrounded by water, just pain and tears. My tears have all dried up and there is no hope for new ones. The other day someone very close to me needed help and I tried, I tried to help them, I really did. I couldn’t though, I just couldn’t. I would give anything to go back and be able to help them. They need what I have so much more, than I do need it. Plus they will do better with it than I ever will or can. I know how much this pain has struck me but it’s almost an addiction. It’s like a disease and the one with no cure. I pray it’s not contagious. The spirits that surround me are well far more deserving of their happiness. No one will ever believe me when I say what I’m going through. I wouldn’t if somebody tried to tell me. I would just nod and pretend to understand. I have no one to confide in and no one to trust. The one who knew my secret is now too far away to hear my cries. Then again how can you hear something that doesn’t exist? I really don’t want this. I promise with what’s left of my heart that I don’t. I almost can’t get up in the mornings; everything seems to just push me farther down. I wouldn’t give up my burden, and I would never ask anyone to share it with me. The truth about the unspoken is that your not allowed to speak of it. I’m slowly losing myself. I know I cannot be saved by anything that could have saved me before. There is nothing left to help me, not even myself. Pictures of myself are almost strangers and they are so different. I just need some help. By helping this other I was supposed to help myself too. Maybe that’s why it was prevented. I would rather give up on everything that is mine than share what isn’t. I can’t necessarily tell you what is doing this to me, because I am clueless. All I know is that my voice is leaving and my hope is disintegrating and my dreams are black, and my knowledge is tainting. Its almost like you’re having