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In business there was no guarantee to be success. Skills, knowledge, abilities, talent and more were required when forming a business. Success needed hardworking and cannot depend on luck. On the case we studied, Paul, Mark and Eric were ambitious students with limited experience of how to run their own business, especially a food franchise company like Ice delights. Therefore, they were facing a lot of problems when they needed to make a decision.
Paul Rogers, Mark Daniel, and Eric Garfield are three second-year students at the Harvard Business Schools who want to have more control on their own life. They knew that they want to be their own boss, make a lot of money, and what they interested. Therefore they start to plan and research the right type of business and how to operate it. As they were doing the research, they had received some advice from professors about which type of business they should bought.
When the times go, they received news from Paul’s father, Mr. Roger, a food retail company Ice delights, a European style café and ice cream shop, might selling their Florida franchise right. They were excited about the opportunity even thought this was not in their planning. They saw a great amount of finance potential in Ice delights franchise although their skill and ability to run the franchise were limited.
Ice delights was a Boston-based chain of food outlets selling a variety of beverages, pastries and frozen desserts. Bob Andrew, the chairman, started it with only two stores. Then, it grew slowly and carefully. Because of its carefulness there