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Aliens are real
Aliens: too good to be false

Luis Aguilar

Abstract and overview
In the following essay the existence of aliens is debated through the telling of significant UFO sightings. The author explains the Kenneth Arnold sighting, Roswell incident, and the Battle of Los Angeles. He described the controversies surrounding them and how the government tried to cover them up and deny them. Their denials seemed very unusual due to the fact that they once confirmed the sighting of a crashed UFO. In the Kenneth Arnold sighting, an expert pilot describes his encounter in the sky, when he saw nine flashing objects fly past him. This even sparked an interest in Americans all across the country. The confirmation of recovering a crashed UFO convinced people of the existence of aliens until the government decided to change their story. However, in the essay, accounts from the residents as well as a funeral employee, and military nurse give perspective on what really happened in Roswell. Finally, the Battle of Los Angeles was described as a one sided battle where the U.S. Army reacted on instinct, when a giant spaceship hovered over the city and caused a blackout. In a time where America was very vulnerable to attack, this event brought upon the full force of the Army’s attack. Once again the government denied unsuccessfully attacking one giant object, but instead told the public that there were several planes instead. Witnesses of this event gave different stories though, with the majority agreeing that one large foreign aircraft did in fact visit their city. The author concludes by retelling the events of the controversial sightings and goes on to tell about government officials starting to come forward and taking an interest in UFOs. He tells of the United Kingdom forming a UFO investigation group, and of two United States legislators who revealed the existence of a secret “truth embargo”. He then asks us, so what if aliens exist? He explains that as humans, it is in our nature to want to prove what we believe in. The author ends by explaining that aliens should have no reason for visiting us due to their superior technology, and that we’ve managed just fine without them.

There was once a village boy who was tasked with watching over the village’s sheep. The job bored the boy and to amuse himself, he decided to pull a prank on the villagers and cry out “WOLF!” Frightened, the villagers bolted over to help drive the wolves away, but to their dismay, the only thing present was the young prankster laughing at the sight of their angry faces. The villagers warned the child not to shout out wolf, if there was no wolf. Seeking more amusement, the boy pulled the same prank once more and received the same reaction. This time the villagers were even angrier and told him to save his cries for when an actual wolf was present. Later, the boy spotted a real wolf amongst the sheep. Alarmed, he shouted “Wolf!” but no one came. The next day the boy had not returned and the villagers went up to go look for him. They found the boy sobbing and asked what was wrong. The boy told them that he yelled wolf because an actual wolf appear and scared the sheep away. He was devastated that no one came. An old man tried to comfort the boy but also told him that no one believes a liar. With the moral of this story being to tell the truth, what if someone saw something so unbelievable and unearthly that it caused people to question their beliefs? What if someone saw a UFO? The difference between this legend and UFO sightings is that sightings are so frequent and are backed up by real evidence. It is said by author Lochlainn Seabrook that there are sightings every hour and while many are false, ten percent of those are genuine. That amounts to tens of thousands of sightings that even our government cannot explain (Seabrook 24). These sightings have occurred all over the world and have been