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The main advantage that comes from utilizing the eco-map is that both social workers and clients can identify all the different support systems in their lives and evaluate whether they are positive or negative relationships. They can also allow us to see how family systems and our environmental systems interact with one another. The eco-map allowed me to see the way the social systems in my life affect me and the energy I put into each one. I noticed that I put in a lot of my energy into relationships that I hope will provide support to me, such as the relationship I have with my friends, boyfriend, and certain family members. The relationship with these social systems are also changing throughout time. An example of one of the relationships that has changed is the relationship with school. I feel like I put in a lot of my energy into school because I hope that in the end it will be beneficial, but it also causes great stress in my life (ex. financially). School is one of the systems that seems to be the most exhausting at the moment. I also noticed that I have friends who I expect to always be there and listen to my problems, yet I know I do not put in the same amount of energy into the friendship. The relationship with my siblings is also different. As the oldest child, I provide them with a lot of support and do not expect the same from them. Reflecting on this assignment made me realize that I try not to invest my energy in negative relationships or social systems that will not benefit me. Although there are many sources of stress in my life, there are also many sources of support and they all balance out. It is important to have a balance in one’s life to be able to work effectively with clients and is important for self-care. I think my social systems provide me with physical and emotional support and this can help me in having enough energy to create positive relationships with clients. Based on my observations I think it is necessary for me to continue strengthening the relationship I have between my social systems to have all the resources needed to succeed. I am content on where I am right now, but do hope that the relationship I have with my parents will improve because I think it would decrease the amount of stress in my life and give me the