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MAA Program

Ambassador Application Request
As I recently started attending college, I was inspired and moved by the group of individuals who are here at Everest, who are willing to lend a hand to new students and the Ambassadors who seem to be the difference makers. They are special elite of students that help by tutoring, mentoring, and guiding other students to graduate and succeed. I saw myself becoming one of these students because I am driven, self motivated, and determined to reach my goals & dreams. At the same time help others along the way to their mission in life.

I have always felt that I can make a difference no matter where I go or do. I feel as an Ambassador that I can be a leader, a special role model for others who want to be somebody successful. I enjoy working with others and achieving tasks as a group. It brings out a lot of pride knowing I put a lot of energy and sacrifice to accomplish a certain goal. All my life I have been a follower of great inspiring people. Now I have a chance to leave a standing impression to my peers, this school, and to myself. I have always involved myself in activities by participating, volunteering, and making suggestions. It’s a great achievement when a group of individuals can come together to reach a common goal that will benefit everyone. As Ambassador I can be very committed and dedicated so that our communities of students always have someone to go to and rely on if there are any problems. A great leader listens