Essay about Termination: High School and Students

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1. INTRODUCTION: High school drop outs are an ongoing problem that reinforces adolescence to think that it is okay to give up. The reason I chose high school drop outs as my topic is because it is a problem that is only getting worse. I am talking about this issue only for the fact that students do not decide they want to drop out of school over night, but that there is more of a psychological meaning behind it all. For example, it can be as simple as a student not feeling capable of completing necessary tasks to get through everyday life or as complex as not having encouragement or support from their family. There are several reasons students drop out of school such as, to find work, avoid bullying, family emergency, poor grades, depression or other mental illnesses, unexpected pregnancy, bad home environment, lack of freedom, and boredom from parents not teaching as young what the world of work is all about. High school drop outs are patterned and it is not okay to accept this pattern as being okay; for example, if one girl has a baby and drops out, another girl will think it is “okay” and will do the same. Giving up is easy to do when life gets hard and if teens do not have the encouragement they need to stay in school. Also, often many men and women would rather practice illegal actions than attend school because they have no other choices. Not saying this in all cases to them, it would not really matter if they go to jail because they have nothing to lose, high school dropouts have no choice but to sell drugs or perform these illegal actions because they have no money to support themselves or stay alive. Although high school drop outs think they do not have anything to lose, a lot of times they do. Dropping out is a problem that is happening more every year because it is getting more socially accepted. All in all the main reason I chose this topic is because I wanted to get more information. I still can not understand what pushes these students to drop out and add to the chain of repetitive patterns, and really think it is okay or it is the cool thing to do in life. This one time I was in McDonalds I will never forget the employee ran into a former friend from high school and he was almost graduated from college while the other was still bragging saying” who needs there high school diploma anymore, my girlfriend cant even find a job with her associates degree”, I thought in my head point proven there are the ones who strive to succeed and there is the ones who give up. In reality, all these dropouts are causing all the hard working full time workers and students to be in more debt. It is costing society more money for all the criminals in jail instead we can be pulling ourselves out of an economic decline. Society continues to fall more and more because the government is spending more money on jails and putting less money into education by raising the price to receive a higher level of education. The disturbing number of 54 % Latina teen mothers do not graduate from high school, 2 % of teens do not graduate college before age 30, 8 of 10 fathers don’t marry their child’s teen mother, and 3 in 10 girls in the U.S. get pregnant by age 20. Teen pregnancy is an ongoing problem not just In the Latin community. This is a very supporting quote. "What concerns us most," says Nightingale, ''It is not only what teenage parents will be missing out on today, but the challenges they will face in the future." Whether young mothers and fathers know it or not, they are missing out on a lot, and they will have a difficult time making it through everyday life necessities.

2. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE: In 2007, the California drop out research project issued a policy brief saying “California High schools that beat the odds in graduation.” A study set up on 22 schools that were doing good with graduation rates, drop